Gecko’s bar

Gecko’s bar

Gecko’s Bar is one of the premiere bars of the entertainment district.

According to the ancient beliefs, geckos are known to bring a lot of fortune and somehow, Gecko’s bar is presently enjoying this luck for they have been widely known by a lot of bar patrons and tourists of the city’s entertainment district. Just like real geckos are, this bar has been able to leave a great impression to everyone and they have stick to the mind of every customer.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Gecko's-Bar-Walking-Street-001 It is well adored by people because of their constancy when it comes to rendering pleasurable services and continuous delivery of satisfaction. You can say that Gecko’s Bar area is not that big unlike with the other prominent groups of bars. But its way of amusing its customers can closely compete with the larger bars of the town.
Gecko’s bar has an exterior that is absolutely stylish with walls shaded with pink and decked with an embossed image of a green gecko sticking to the wall that is lighted up at night.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Gecko's-Bar-Walking-Street-002The bars interiors are built with a long and narrow pathway and the performance stage is placed at the side. Comfortable bar stools and couches are arranged in a convenient setting so as to maximize the space and provide a better view of the whole performance. Since the entire bar is bound to offer a limited space, Gecko’s bar can only accommodate up to 50 customers every night. For you to witness the fiery dance grooves and be captivated with their beauty, you should come early to be able to reserve your seat and relish the entire night being entertained in a Gecko’s way.

Gecko’s bar is open from 2:00PM to 3:00AM every day. It is located within the Fields Avenue right next to the Lollipop Bar.

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