Maharajah Hotel

Maharajah Hotel

Maharajah Hotel is an Indian term for a “great ruler” that may connote authority or royalty.

Maharajah Hotel may have thought of this concept to let the people perceive it as a luxurious place that will make them feel like kings and queens. Once you enter the hotel, you will be amazed with its elegance and immensely designed beauty. It is like a gem found amidst the bombarded district of the town.

Maharajah_Hotel_001It is fashioned after a conventional style with a touch of class that captures everyone’s eyes from the moment they cross the hotel’s threshold. It also built inside a subdivision with a wide and expansive parking area. Painted with dark brown, the front phase of the hotel shows a vintage look with tall palm trees on each side and decorative plants.

Maharajah-Hotel-008From its interiors, the main lobby flaunts the unique design of Maharajah Hotel for their stairs with gold handrail is already visible. The reception area is wide and capacious enough to accommodate pending guests. Maharajah Hotel has 50 well-appointed rooms designed with unique interiors and furnished with polished set of furniture and free Wi-Fi access.

Maharajah-Hotel-004This hotel features its full-sized Swimming Pools that are very tempting to swim into. Aside from these, Maharajah Hotel has the finest outdoor landscape design that makes a light and rejuvenating aura with shades of green splashed around you coming from a variety of ornamental plants.

Maharajah-Hotel-001They also have their own dining place and conference room that is used to accommodate celebrations and events.

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