Monsoon Bar

Monsoon Bar

Monsoon Bar will absolutely blow minds once they show off their spectacular and amazing nightly performances that will make the customers want for more.

It was formerly called as “Typhoon Bar” and it underwent some minor changes and applied a few improvements and it turned out to be one of the most wanted bars inside the gleaming avenue of the Walking Street.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Monsoon-Bar-002 This club has been widely patronize by many frequent customers and bar hoppers and with its name “Monsoon”, people who step in into this lovely place are absolutely overawed with the service rendered to them that are beyond satisfaction and exudes delight and excitement. This bar has an eye-catching exterior design that is surely fashionable and noticeable for a lot of passersby and bystanders.
Monsoon Bar is designed with an arched molded door frame that is made up of metallic material that will lead you to the bar’s threshold. This club has an embossed signage on the outside shaded with yellow flame-like symbols that signify the sizzling hot performances of the Monsoon Bar.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Monsoon-Bar-001At night, the club’s façade is lit up by small lustrous lights that look so fabulous. When it comes to this club’s interiors, Monsoon bar is dazzled with triangular-patterned mirrors that are placed on the ceiling. The stage is filled with gorgeous ladies that are line-up and ready to entertain everyone who are eager to watch the show.  Surrounding the stage is the series of comfortable bar stools that placed closely to the performers for easier interaction. There’s more than fun and entertainment at Monsoon Bar, exceptional service are being given by their amiable crew that will really add up to the worth of this club. Monsoon Bar is open from 3:00PM to 3:00AM daily.

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