Oppa Korean Restaurant

Oppa Korean Restaurant

Oppa Korean Restaurant is a well-known place here in Angeles City

Despite the fact that there are already a great number of Korean establishments that can be found within the town, there are still some distinctive places where you can easily spot where quality service and customer satisfaction is prioritize.  Oppa Korean Restaurant belongs to this category wherein the customers are able to dig into the scrumptious meal that are served at their tables.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Oppa-Korean-Restaurant-side-dishThis is one good place to stop by and if you are not really into Asian cuisines, visiting this place will definitely make you have second thoughts. All of the well-known Korean delicacies are served here and these are prepared by the highly skilled chefs who are well-versed in creating the art of food that are genuinely Korean-inspired.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Oppa-Korean-Restaurant-kimbabThe best-selling Samgyeopsal dish is also famous in this restaurant and just like any other dining place in town, Oppa Korean Restaurant also offers unlimited samgyeopsal and it even comes in packages making a wide range of choices for those who are on a tight budget. This diner encourages the customers to go here and bring their family and friends with them. We may not have the exact science about it but it seems that eating with a large number of people makes you want to consume more than you can eat when you’re alone.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Oppa-Korean-Restaurant-ramyunOppa Korean Restaurant is based from the common word in Korean “Oppa” which literally means an older brother or a guy that is older than you that you have close relationship with. This is very famous to a lot of K-dramas (Korean dramas) that we can watch here in the country and are dubbed with our native language for better comprehension of the story line.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Oppa-Korean-Restaurant-002Oppa Korean Restaurant is seen amidst the busy streets of Angeles City and if you want to see for yourself the tasty dishes that are cooked here, you should come and stop by to have a taste of their delicious food menu.

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