Korean Town blooms gradually as different kinds of Korean establishments sprout one by one. From restaurants, KTV bars, spas to hotels and shopping marts, it was as if Koreans have made their own haven within the district of Angeles.
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Located: Anunas, Angeles City - Friendship Highway
What about:KTV, Restaurants
Must visit: KTV Diba , Woori Garden, Go! Gigib

Filipinos, like Koreans, are really into singing and one thing that made them closer is their pride in showing off their hidden talents. That is why KTV bars became the common place for afternoon parties, birthday celebrations and reunions.


The following are the restaurants you can visit around Korean Town, these are Woori Garden, Go! Gigib, Nam Kang, Blue Daisy, Gu-Yi-Ga, Single Bungle, Ammyundo, Dae Han Min Kun, Daemun, Jun Jun’s, Shinsun Su, Chicken Feet, 1970 Grill, Hyunjung, Ilmi, Fat Boy Burger, Boom Chicken, Tony J’s Italian, Yu Ganne 2, Yu Ganne, Mythic Moogle, Sempai Japanese, Vietnamese, Mimade, Hanna Rice Cake, Dae Na Mu Jip, Bada, Manchoo, Kiwon, Mr. Wang, Iguana’s, Charlie’s on the Bend, Kang San Ae and Halong Bay.


Here are the different hotels that you might want to try: King’s Hotel & Poker, Halla Hotel, Valentine Hotel and Koa Hotel.