Premiere Holiday

Premiere Holiday

Premiere Holiday brings conventional hotel experience that feels just right.

It is one of the hotels in town that delivers service quality yet in moderation. Basically, Premiere Holiday hotel has been in the business for years but it started to be at the top of mind since 1994.Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Fields-Avenue-Don-Juico-Avenue-Premier-Holiday-Resort-deluxe-roomComfortable rooms, scrumptious meals and essential amenities; these are things that primarily guests would love to have in every hotel that they wish to try.  This hotel has been consistently giving their guests’ money’s worth by continuously upholding their values and perception of customer satisfaction throughout the years of their existence.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Fields-Avenue-Don-Juico-Avenue-Premier-Holiday-Resort-swimming-poolOnce you enter in, you can see their granite-made front desk counter at the main lobby wherein courteous front desk clerks will greet you with their warm smiles. All in all, the hotel is consists of 36 comfortable rooms that are fully air-conditioned and has cozy beds covered with decorative linens.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Fields-Avenue-Don-Juico-Avenue-Premier-Holiday-Resort-standard-roomEach of these rooms is decked uniquely, furnished with sets of furniture. Rooms offered are Standard rooms, Family apartment and Deluxe room. Premiere Holiday hotel promotes special discounts for guests who have longer stays, whether it will be weekly or monthly basis. Family apartment is fully air-conditioned consisting of three bedrooms and one living room perfect for family vacations.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Fields-Avenue-Don-Juico-Avenue-Premier-Holiday-Resort-gardenThe hotel features their out–of-doors dining place wherein they use native Nipa Huts to convey to their guests the Filipino culture. They also have their wet bar with bamboo-made counter that can accommodate up to 12 people around it where you can also have a good view of their Lazy-L shaped swimming pools. Premiere-Holiday-Resort-001Premiere Holiday hotel is suited for guests who want to have private a place to stay with for it is located near the Don Juico avenue along the Malabanias Road.

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