Single Bungle

Single Bungle

Single Bungle Makchang is a Korean restaurant that has been in the city for quite some time

Even before the Korean town was ever built, this is one of the pioneering diners in Angeles city that serves the most delicious Korean cuisines to the townspeople. This is a classical favorite especially for those people who have been here in town for a long time and was able to see the dynamic changes of the district over the years.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way- Single-Bungle-Makchang-korean-bbq This is a cozy place to dine and have fun with friends and loved ones. The establishment is not focus on how sophisticated the place will look like inside and out, instead, they have concentrated on their dishes that is mainly the purpose of their very existence. Though the place is not bad either, it is rather comfortable which is certainly perfect for dining area with all the bamboo walls and other materials that will make you feel more at home.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way- Single-Bungle-Makchang-soupSingle Bungle Makchang may seem old-fashioned with its furnishings but the quality of the food and cooking materials are superb and they always follow their strict standards when it comes to food preparations and food safety.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way- Single-Bungle-Makchang-samgyupsalSingle Bungle Makchang is actually a Korean phrase which has a literal meaning of “there is more for you…”. Literally, this is the best description that will suit the dining experience you can have by visiting this place. Customers love going to this place because of the carefully made work of art that are eminent in their every dish they serve at our very tables.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-Single-Bungle-Korean-Restaurant-001All-time favorite beverages such as Soju and rice wine are also the best partners for a full menu that are offered here at Single Bungle Makchang. The taste, the atmosphere, the ambience and the people, these are the basic factors that will capture everyone’s heart once they tried going into this marvelous place.

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