Swiss Chalet Hotel

Swiss Chalet Hotel

Swiss Chalet Hotel is a medium-sized resting place offered for travelers and tourists who are searching for a nice and fine atmosphere.

The name of this hotel is based in accordance with the typical houses found among the European regions. The term “chalet” is a French word which literally means a low-rise wooden house or a cottage that are often seen in amidst the highlands.

Swiss-Chalet-001 Swiss Chalet hotel has adopted most of this concept but added a little twist in it making it their own version of a chalet of the Angeles City. The hotel’s exterior design perfectly portrays the actual façade of a real chalet for it is made up of wooden material with patterns and decorations that epitomizes a house cottage.  A great blend of the nature and nude colors of tan and brown actually makes this hotel look more like home and it does not need any complex details to convey to the public that it is indeed a resting place.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Swiss-Chalet-HotelSwiss Chalet Hotel has been serving its guest for more than a decade now since it was first introduced last 2004 and the most recent renovation was last 2013.Swiss Chalet hotel is composed of four floors that contain 25 home-like rooms that present astonishing designs and clever layouts. It is the actual opposite of what you can see from the outside, because as you take a look at its outdoor view, the structure is plain and simple but once you enter their hotel rooms, you will be mesmerized with the classic sets of furniture and vintage ambience of the hotel.

Angeles-City-Fields-Avenue-Walking-Street-Swiss-Chalet-Hotel-001Swiss Chalet features three types of rooms which are the standard, premier and superior rooms. But their main highlight focuses on their “Deluxe Suiten” that is furnished lavishly with baroque-styled bed frames and canopy together with their intricately designed couches and fittings. All rooms are guaranteed to have basic room amenities and are fully are conditioned. Aside from their comfortable rooms, Swiss Chalet also promotes their in-house restaurant that serves delectable cuisines and it is a perfect place for you to experience their fine dining aura.