Dainty Asian Cuisine

Dainty Asian Cuisine

Dainty Asian Cuisine Restaurant features authentic Asian Cuisines that has been a favorite of a lot of people ever since.

Even from the ancient times, the Chinese people have been here in the Philippines and they have stayed here for quite some time. They have also successfully influenced Filipinos with their dominant cultures and traditions that have been included with our present customs.

Angeles-City-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Dainty-Restaurant-function-hallMany of them have settled in the country to perform business activities and to introduce their authentic cuisines in which most people have started to love. Aside from knowing about the exceptional skills of Chinese people when it comes to business, they have also engaged their selves in preparing their most sumptuous meals and it was evidently manifested in Dainty’s Restaurant.

Angeles-City-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Dainty-Restaurant-BalibagoIt was a newly built establishment along McArthur Highway in 2012 wherein it opened its doors to the market presenting the finest Asian dishes served with such exquisite service.

Angeles-City-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Dainty-Restaurant-angeles-branch Dainty’s Restaurant is now one of the prominent fine dining place in Angeles City since you can see Asian restaurants in every corner of the town. With Dainty’s continuous success, they were able to expand another branch in Nepo Quad or also known as “The Quad” wherein they are able to cater their prospective market.

Angeles-City-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Dainty-Restaurant-catering-servicesDainty Asian Cuisine Restaurant has an ideal location because it is perfectly built within the heart of the city that is just a few minutes away from Clark Zone and famous shopping malls and it is also accessible since it is situated along the main road. Angeles-City-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Dainty-Restaurant-shanghaiDainty’s Restaurant does not only serve Chinese cuisines but they also prepare other Asian favorites with Filipino delicacies. It is very ideal for groups to dine at this elegant restaurant for they provide big serving that will surely satisfy everyone’s cravings. All are served with goodness and quality and customers will surely be pleased with the prompt and exemplary service that Dainty’s staff provides.


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