Ginger’s Cafe Bistro

Ginger’s Cafe Bistro

Ginger’s Cafe Bistro is one good place to try because of its mouthwatering food servings complimented by its nice and cozy ambience

According to a lot of people, this place is like a reflection of the metro’s high-end diners and it is definitely a gem found along the famous Perimeter road. It is actually a fusion of a restaurant and a cafe where customers may have a laidback atmosphere while digging into the scrumptious meals that Ginger’s Cafe serves.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Don-Juico-Avenue-Ginger-Cafe-Bistro-001      As you enter the place, you will see different art decorations such as black & white portraits with a clever layout that sums up the entire interiors of the cafe. Most of the people recommend this place because of the world-class quality of food they offer. Everyone is curious about the spreading news about how this special dining place satisfies most of its customers and keeps coming back for more.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Don-Juico-Avenue-Ginger-Cafe-Bistro-002All-time favorite foods are prepared by highly-skilled chefs and these are served by their cordial food attendants.Ginger’s Cafe Bistro is a simple yet elegant place to visit which is known to serve international cuisines and delectable pastries along with the well-blended coffees that are surely smells like a sweet savor in the morning.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Don-Juico-Avenue-Ginger-Cafe-Bistro-drinks-001Some of the food choices that Ginger’s Cafe offers are mouthwatering salads, succulent pastas, sandwiches, coffees, cocktail mixes, cakes and wooden grilled meats. Everything is prepared in perfection and one of the people behind the success of this cafe is chef Red Ganado who has dedicated his life in studying culinary arts.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Don-Juico-Avenue-Ginger-Cafe-Bistro-drinksAnother amazing thing about this man is his experience in fine dining wherein he was able to handle other elite diners in Boracay, Manila and Angeles. Another outstanding person in this business is Ms. Mona Liza Cunanan who is the manager of this exceptional dining place.

Angeles-City-Perimeter-Road-Don-Juico-Avenue-Ginger-Cafe-Bistro-spaghettiWith the creative minds of these people, they are now able to cater the market with their mouthwatering gourmet meals that suits everyone’s taste buds.

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