Patchawaran’s Restaurant

Patchawaran’s Restaurant

Patchawaran’s Restaurant was formerly known as the Chiangmai Restaurant and with its new name, expect better things to come.

Truly, a lot of things has changed from the time that the dining place has decided to undergo some transition. One of the eminent thing that happened to this business establishment is their title and introducing it to the market and to the loyal customers of Chiangmai was a little rough at first.

Angeles-City-Hensonville-Malabanias-Road-Patchawaran's-Thai-Restaurant-food-001  But as soon as their frequent customers have tried this modern-day concept, the news spreads like fire and it came all over the townspeople through word-of-mouth. It was like it was recommended by a close friend and that friend heard it from her sister and so on.

Angeles-City-Hensonville-Malabanias-Road-Patchawaran's-Thai-Restaurant-fried-ricePatchawaran’s Restaurant serves the authentic Thai cuisines that is again another fresh concept that will definitely be interesting to a lot of people. Some may not be too familiar with the Thai food since it is not the usual menu that we see from a typical diner.

Angeles-City-Hensonville-Malabanias-Road-Patchawaran's-Thai-Restaurant-beef But this is actually a great advantage for this business because many people may have been very curious about what Thai food tastes like and seeing that there are only few Thai restaurants in town, this will open an opportunity for Patchawaran’s to capture the market niche.

Angeles-City-Hensonville-Malabanias-Road-Patchawaran's-Thai-Restaurant-foodPatchawaran’s Restaurant is a nice and cozy place to start with and eating at this dining place is splendid. In here, fine furnishings are found inside while simple yet elegant exteriors are evidently seen in the entire structure. Everyone who steps into this place will surely be captivated with the unique and distinctive tastes of the Thai food.

Angeles-City-Hensonville-Malabanias-Road-Patchawaran's-Thai-Restaurant-001They all make sure that they serve the best meals prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked by their skillful chefs and last but not the least, served their friendly food attendants.

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