Feast of the Guardian Angels, Philippines have been deeply influenced by the Spaniards during the Spanish occupation. One prominent aspect that made a remarkable imprint to our country’s history is their Catholicism. Filipinos before are known by their tribes and ethnic groups who worshipped different gods but when the time that we were colonized by the Spanish people for 333 years, our culture followed after their religious rituals and traditions. “Angeles” is the Spanish word for “angels” and most people especially devout Catholics believed in the existence of guardian angels. The former name of the city is “Culiat” because of the abundance of that woody vine in the area. Before, it was just a small barrio of San Fernando until Don Angel Pantaleon de Miranda finally paid for the legal separation of Culiat and declared it as a new town under its name “El Pueblos de los Angeles” (The People of the Angels) after the city’s patron saints, the Holy Guardian Angels. Presently, the Feast of the Guardian Angels has been one of the annual celebrations of Angeles City. Every 2nd day of October, the feast is being held by having a ceremonious parade of Guardian Angels’ images accompanied by numerous preschoolers from various schools wearing cute and charming angel costumes. Kuliat Festival is the overall celebration of Angeles City’s Foundation day and indeed, it also serve as the people’s way of showing gratitude to the town’s success and continuous progress through the help of its Guardian Angels.

picture source from wikipedia !

Location: Angeles City