I’m Mart

I’m Mart

I’m Mart  belongs to the series of Korean marts in Friendship

This is an exact place to go whenever you have that craving for some Korean delicacy at the middle of the night. Korean foods are definitely tasty and delectable which is also the reason why Filipinos were able to easily adapt to their unique and distinctive cuisines.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-im-mart-grocery The very existence of Korean Town in Angeles City is just one step of embracing the Korean culture. I’m Mart is one example of the establishments found within this area. In here you can buy different products and delicacies that are truly mouth-watering and healthy too. Instant noodles, chocolates, fruits and ice cold sparkles are mostly the best-sellers here. If you happen to pass by this place make sure to try their Chillsung Cider for it is definitely a refreshing beverage.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-im-mart-grocery-kalbi I’m Mart is located along the road of Fil-Am Friendship Highway, the establishment is made of fancy exterior design that will make every passerby to notice it. From the outside you will be able to see the large signage of the building placed on top and at night the entire name of it is lit up with LED lights to catch the attention of the people who are on the road.
I’m Mart is a spacious business establishment that is seen in Korean Town and people do come here for a good reason and that is to let themselves have fun in shopping different grocery items that are Korean-made.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-im-mart-grocery-tunaAlong with I’m Mart are the various businesses that are located nearby and some of the prominent brands are seen here such as local banks, fast food chains, nightclubs and Korean dining places. You can invite all your friends here and shop with them as you see all the different products that you can try.

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