Yu Ganne 2 Restaurant

Yu Ganne 2 Restaurant

Yu Ganne 2 Restaurant is a dining place that is a one of a kind for it serves the most delectable dishes in town

For those who have cravings for some kimchi and hot Ramyun noodles just simply go and come to this place. It is because the people who usually visits here comes out full and very satisfied. This restaurant offers a wide range of Korean food selections and it is now one of the finest diners in the Korean Town, a place where all of the Korean establishments are mostly located.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-Yu-Ganne-2-Restaurant-Unlimited-Samgyupsal-roadYu Ganne 2 Restaurant is the literal extension of the diner that was first established, the Yu Ganne. This place aims to cater the entire people of the town and all the services and products they have are not limited to Koreans alone. Since the people are so fond of the Kpop culture that has been adapted by many youngsters and people that are young at heart, a place such as Yu Ganne 2 Restuarant can easily open its doors to the public.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-Yu-Ganne-2-Restaurant-Unlimited-Samgyupsal-foods-002One great thing about this dining place is their promo in which every customer enjoys and this package includes unlimited serving of Samgyeopsal a very famous Korean delicacy in the Philippines. Because of this offer, most of the customers who eat here at Yu Ganne 2 Restaurants always come in groups.But for you to fully enjoy your time at this place, you can bring your friends and loved ones with you for this restaurant can accommodate a bigger number of people.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-Yu-Ganne-2-Restaurant-Unlimited-Samgyupsal-foods-004This dining place is laid out perfectly giving enough space for the food attendants to move around freely. As you come and dine here at Yu Ganne 2 Restaurant, you won’t be worrying about some of the items from the menu that you are not sure of for all the crew in this place are knowledgeable that they can assist you with anything at anytime.

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