Oasis Hotel generally denotes hope and refuge for those living in deserts and extremely dry places. It is often a good source of water that quenches the thirst of travelers who have been in the field for a long time. Carrying this kind of notion, Oasis Hotel has been a literal oasis for a lot of travelers. It is established within a private residential compound where it is securely located with just a few blocks away from the Perimeter Road. Oasis Hotel has been serving its customers for decades since it was first built in 1966 wherein it harbored weary American soldiers during its early years. From the very beginning of its venture, Oasis Hotel has continuously provided comfort filled with warmth and hospitality. Through the years, the exceptional service has been consistent and improvements were applied for the hotel’s growth. From the entrance main driveway, a bountiful garden surrounds the whole place that depicts the tropical theme of the hotel. The main lobby is beautifully designed with an alfresco style that allows the guests to feel the freshness of the plants. The reception area is decked with wicker chairs with patterned cushions and granite floorings that are clearly seen lightened by the lights on the ceiling. With 124 rooms that are classically decorated, in-house restaurant and six functional areas, Oasis Hotel has successfully catered almost all the amenities that most guests are looking for. One of its main attractions is their oasis type swimming pool that is decorated with ornamental plants to make calming scenery. Sumptuous meals that will surely satiate you coming from their “Maranao Grill” that serves world-class local and international cuisines together with their Friday RST (Roast beef & lamb, sushi and tempura) Buffet and Saturday Roast Angus Prime Rib. Also, their widely known open bar, “The Pub” is a perfect place to unwind while sipping your favorite cocktail drink.  All in all, Oasis Hotel has been one of the market leaders of the hotel industry because of its tenacity and consistency.


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24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


24 hours


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4000 to 4500 P

4500 to 5000 P

5000 P +


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