Shilla Hotel

Shilla Hotel

Shilla Hotel is situated amidst the secluded area of the town and it simply promotes the classical comfort that most travelers are looking for.

This is one of the Korean-owned resting places of the city and what is more interesting about it is the Bungalow-type of hotel rooms that will make everyone feel more like home.

Shilla-Hotel-002 This hotel is perfect for guests who wish to have fresher scenery for this place is full of ornamental plants that convey a calm and soothing aura. Shilla Hotel has an outdoor setting wherein the driveway will easily lead you to the rooms because the lane is surrounded by the house-like structure of the hotel. The name “ Shilla ” signifies charm and sometimes connotes the good flow of money and clearly, we may not know why such name was used in this business but one thing’s for sure, this hotel is definitely one of the nicest places you’ll ever see.

Shilla-Hotel-001Shilla Hotel is a low-rise structure that is consists of 46 cozy rooms that come with basic amenities and each of these rooms is lighted up by gorgeous chandelier that makes a sophisticated aura. Some of the rooms are furnished with wicker made couches padded with soft and comfy cushions. Every room is painted with ivory white shade that looks flawlessly clean and neat. Rooms are classified into four types namely, Deluxe, Royal single, Royal twin and Family room that caters a wide range of guests.

Shilla-Hotel-003The first thing you will see in Shilla Hotel is the main lobby surrounded by the eye-catching bougainvilleas and in the reception area; you can also see the hotel’s coffee shop and in-house diner that serves delectable dishes. Garden, meeting room, tours, and complimentary Wi-Fi, spa and massage service are also available at Shilla Hotel and one of their main features is their on-site golf course where guests can show off their ace shots.


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