Tiger Hotel

Tiger Hotel

Tiger Hotel usually symbolize royalty and beauty, more often than not; tigers come in streaks or a group that are hidden in the midst of the woods.

This is what they consider as their refuge or a dwelling habitat. This might be one of the reasons why Tiger Hotel was built. It is because of the admired characteristic that tigers possess.

Tiger-Hotel-006Apparently, this is also evident once you enter the sanctuary of Tiger Hotel.Its outdoor view emphasizes on the enormous statue of a tiger’s head showing a fierce facial expression that is surrounded by granite-made structure with blue, red and green painted walls. A well-built structure that is classy and clever in its interiors, architectural style that is overwhelming and the ivory white color theme soothes the eyes and creates a calming atmosphere.

Tiger-Hotel-003Wooden statues of a tiger and a lion are also placed at the main lobby right before the stairs. From the ground floor, you can have a clear view of the upper floors because of its open sides and each floor can have the entire view of the hotel. Tiger Hotel’s stairs is made up of brown colored handrails and gold baroque styles of balusters that feature the majestic aura of the place.

Angeles-City-Tiger-HotelTiger Hotel has four room types with reasonable prices that suit your needs. Hotel rooms are fully air-conditioned furnished with beds that are covered with latte-colored blankets, white pillows, water dispenser and LCD TV with international cable. Most of Tiger Hotel’s customers recommend their fast and reliable internet services.

Tiger-Hotel-007Tiger hotel, like a literal tiger does, lies amidst the busiest district of the town yet serves as a resting place for us.


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