Sumpan Noodles

Sumpan Noodles

Sumpan Noodles & Dimsum Restaurant is the perfect place to go especially when the rainy season has come

Looking for a tasty hot soup this cold weather? well you have come to the right place for in here you will be able to have that nice and cozy feeling as you take a sip of their well-seasoned soups that will definitely make you sober and refreshed.

Angeles-City-Balibago-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Sumpan-Noodles-&-Dimsum-Restaurant-001To some of the references, the word “sumpan” may also mean a union of the body and soul which is actually the connotation of the term once you have a taste of this sumptuous meal.  To most of the Filipinos, soups are their favorite comfort food for it goes well with the unpleasant weather. It simply gives you a relief by being able to take out the cold in your body being replaced by the heat of the authentic meal, Chinese noodle soup.

Angeles-City-Balibago-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Sumpan-Noodles-&-Dimsum-Restaurant-foodAnother great thing about this restaurant is that it is open until 5:00am, the usual hours where we usually crave for something that we can eat.Sumpan Noodles & Dimsum Restaurant serves the best Asian dishes in town. Aside from the typical soups that they commonly offer, there are a lot of food choices that are available from their menu.

Angeles-City-Balibago-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Sumpan-Noodles-&-Dimsum-Restaurant-002From the congee, dimsums, siomai and other Chinese delicacies, it is as if everything is already served at your tables and everything is filled with goodness and flavor that oozes from the inviting aroma of every meal they make. Indeed, once you are already inside, you cannot stop but think how are these food made and how it continuously satisfy everyone’s palate.

Angeles-City-Balibago-Mc-Arthur-Hi-way-Sumpan-Noodles-&-Dimsum-Restaurant-siomaiMoreover, all the food serving are prepared with such finesse and art which mostly signify the genuine Chinese trademark by making the food look more attractive and pleasant to the eyes of the customers.

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