Jun Jun’s Restaurant

Jun Jun’s Restaurant

Jun Jun’s Restaurant is definitely a must-try if you happened to pass by the popular area of Korean Town

This dining place is perfect for travelers who are looking for genuine authentic Filipino cuisines. Good thing, the restaurant is just around the corner and it is located along the main road that is why it is very accessible to those customers who are bringing their cars with them. Also, an on-site parking space is available right in front of the restaurant’s entrance.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-Jun-Jun-Bibingka-Bbq-RestaurantJun Jun’s Restaurant is very famous to a lot of Filipino guys who want to hang out with friends drinking their favorite boozes while enjoying their “pulutan” (finger foods) dishes. Also, this has been a top choice for family get-togethers, dinner date for two and group dates for it is a fine place to dine with and the food are definitely delectable. You can also choose to eat outdoors with their al fresco dining tables and chairs or eat inside with their perfectly laid out interiors.
Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-Jun-Jun-Restaurant-BibingkaJun Jun’s Restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate up to 300 people. Everyone will surely enjoy the entire food menu that Jun Jun’s Restaurant has. Their signature dishes are: their Sizzling Sisig oozing with crunch and punch of spiciness and peppery flavor perfect for their Java Rice poured with barbeque sauce. Their Pork and Chicken Barbeques are the real bestsellers mixed with their sauce that blended perfectly to compliment every taste.

Angeles-City-Korean-Town-Friendship-Hi-way-Jun-Jun-Restaurant-Chicken-BarbequeYou need not to worry about the overflowing of meat on your plate for you can also order their veggie dishes to take the guilt out of you. These are not your ordinary vegetable menu for all the greens are cooked perfectly to preserved the crisp of the food. Aside from the mouthwatering food choices, people are coming here because of the exceptional service they received from the restaurant’s food attendants who are prompt and courteous.

Jun Jun’s Restaurant is definitely a good place to try.

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